Follower fiction is the term offered to any fiction created by fans of an existing work. Follower fiction normally has a story or series of tales that is based on a book, TV program, video game, comic book or other imaginary work. The term fan fiction is often utilized interchangeably with follower art, however they are two different things. Follower art is when somebody draws a picture of something from a book or motion picture and then puts it on their website or blog as their profile picture. Fan fiction is when a person creates a story based upon that exact same thing and then posts it online.

There are many different kinds of fan fiction. Among the most popular types is reduce fiction. Reduce fiction is a kind of fan fiction that features a charming connection in between 2 personalities from a specific book or television program. One more kind is called drabbles. Drabbles are short tales that are under 300 words long.

A 3rd kind of follower fiction is called fanfic. This kind of follower fiction is a more severe kind of story. It is generally written in third individual. Some fanfics can be very visuals as well as involve sex scenes. Other fanfics have no sex in all and simply include physical violence.

Many individuals who create follower fiction do so because they love the original job. They want to share themselves and also share what they such as with others. Others write follower fiction for money. Some individuals who create fan fiction will offer their follower fiction to authors. Others will certainly post their follower fiction on web sites such as Some people will upload their fan fiction on online forums. Some individuals will also submit their fan fiction to magazines and publications.

If you have an interest in writing fan fiction you should initially read the original work. This will certainly give you some concept of what the author was attempting to claim and also just how he/she desires you to really feel concerning it. If you are not knowledgeable about the initial job you may want to locate a book on the topic or watch a movie or play the game. You will possibly want to obtain a mutual understanding of the characters and also plot. When you have done this you can begin composing your very own follower fiction.

You should additionally take into consideration composing follower fiction if you have already created your very own book. Composing fan fiction will certainly help you improve your creating skills. It will certainly also give you suggestions for brand-new phases in your book. Numerous authors make use of follower fiction to exercise their writing prior to releasing their book.

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